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rockinanimechik posted an invite on my LJ, so I thought I would at least join, post, and say hello!

I have absolutely no connection to Lowell, but though, what the heck, there might be some interesting people here. That's the joy of the Internet...meeting people from all over the place!

I'm a practicing Druid, member of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship,. I just spent two years on it's leadership council, representing Canada, where I currently live, although I have lived in the US (NYC, and Long Island NY. , Trucksville, Penn., and most recently Charlotte, North Carolina), and have dual US and Canadian citizenship. I am also an Erisian, and I practiced Wicca/Witchcraft for about 10 years before becomming a Celtic Reconstructionist, then member of ADF. I'm also a "technopagan", having done spellwork using computers, and have "channelled" deities/entities while writing on my computer.

Merry Met,Blessed Be, 93, Hail Eris, fnord! (did I forget any?)
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